Are you a Canadian “Ambassador of Song”?

As you read this, some Barbershop Harmony Society (BHS) District music directors and community music educators will have attended BHS Directors College and Leadship Development courses on scholarships provided by Sing Canada Harmony. Also, Districts, Regions and Areas will have had Harmony Explosion Camps for youth and/or children or similar activity in HI and SAI as more and more Barbershoppers realize that the future of our art form lies in our children and youth. It is time for all Barbershoppers, not just the few who are spearheading forward movement in youth music, to get involved in organizing, developing and funding Harmony Explosion Camps, Children’s Choirs and Youth Choruses. To anybody seeing Westminster at the BHS International Contest this year, the value of and need for youth in harmony programs is obvious. If our Choruses, Chapters, Regions, Areas and Districts are to survive we must concentrate our efforts on youth programs. These efforts start with funding vocal music and singing opportunities in our schools and communities.

So, have you given up those two cappuccinos a month and become an Ambassador of Song yet? You can become an Ambassador simply by committing $10 a month to Sing Canada Harmony. Of course, you are welcome to send more – after all it goes to a mighty good cause to support vocal music in our schools and communities

The essential mission of Sing Canada Harmony is to support the Barbershop Harmony musical programs, both directly and indirectly through support of non-organizational music education programs. The long-term preservation of our style of music depends, of course, on future generations having both the interest in good music and some exposure to music fundamentals, so school music education is essential to our survival.

How can you contribute to that cause? Sing Canada Harmony has three channels for your contributions: the Ambassadors of Song, the President’s Council, and the Founder’s Club. Your donation even can be made through direct drafts from your bank account, and of course you can set up regular credit card or bank payments online so there need not be another chore to remember every month.

"TEACH THE CHILDREN TO SING" Support vocal music in the schools of your community and in your communities at large…and support the men and women who make it happen: the music educators, the chorus and choir directors and everyone who helps children to sing. Donate today and see your contribution work in your community tomorrow.

Donations to Sing Canada Harmony are used to support vocal music and related programs in Canada. Your contributions are tax deductible to the full extent of the law through the repository for the Sing Canada Harmony Fund.

Sing Canada Harmony believes that vocal music, particularly four-part a cappella harmony in the Barbershop Style, plays a vital role in the development of healthy, creative and responsible members of society. This belief results in a commitment towards ensuring equal access to vocal music arts for people of all ages, but particularly the children and youth of Canada, and the men and women who facilitate their learning to enrich lives through singing.

Sing Canada Harmony in Canada, like Harmony Foundation in the USA, serves as the only national official charity of the Barbershop Harmony Society.

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